Series of NYC cityscape paintings. New York, 2011



"Gravity". Oil on canvas. 24 x 79 inches. 2007



I look into dreams, emotions and memories in an attempt to re-question identity. My process is always based on real life experiences. I read all the time and expend long hours in the studio drawing, thinking and writing.

Because of the long time it takes to complete a painting, the creative experience turns into a  period during which time stands still, while I remain immersed in an intense struggle with myself and with the material. The creative process is a time of catharsis and growth during a frantic confrontation with myself.

These group of paintings on the left are a result of experiencing the frantic and overwhelming amount of stimuli we are exposed to in New York City. A place where the sense of artificiality and individualism make identity an even more confusing concept.

The artist, Elena Bouza posing with "Reminiscences of a Dream" (Oil on canvas, 79 x 119 inches, 2007) in the show "Un entorno empático para el artista", curated by Emma Brassó, in Madrid, 2012.


©Elena Bouza 2012 Spain/U.S.A. All Rights reserved.